She can scream like Janis Joplin or purr like Chrissie Hynde.
Simone "has one of the most unique sounds in Florida" (Wes Cambron, Tampa Examiner)
and Steve Gilmore (Rebel Riffs) knows that "Simone has the look, has the voice, and has the songs". Though born in Detroit's Mt. Sinai hospital read more...

Simone Star

and educated in Windsor, Ontario, singer and songwriter Simone Star (née Taylor) discovered beauty and creativity on 'both sides of the tracks'. Her rich background provided her with varying viewpoints; fueling her artistry and initially leading her to the Detroit Underground. Producer Gary Martin Gary Martin discovered Stars' talent and quickly provided the tools and resources to lead her on her musical journey. Teknotika , known for the hit single 'Universal Love' featured Star on vocals and synthesizers and was a well-loved club favorite both in Detroit as well as the UK. A rich history of dance, punk, alternative music, folk rock and jazz, Star currently performs with her Florida cover band,  'Simone & The Supercats' throughout the southeastern United States when not in the studio. Performing a mix of covers and originals, she continues to write, sing and perform music while maintaining an international fan base.


Simone's latest release is the culmination of over two years of work.
Offered as both an LP version filled with transitions and segues, and a streamlined Radio Edit version, Sapphire Stanza has something for everyone.

Sapphire Stanza Cover

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Track Listing

  1. The Introduction / Time Machine
  2. The Party's Over    
  3. We Sing    
  4. Keep Me Waiting    
  5. Gayatri's Dream
  6. We Are The Change   
  7. Marching The Path
  8. Hybrid Stomp Dance
  9. Sad Joe  
  10. Modified, Genetically    
  11. Genetically Modified
  12. Every Now And Again
  13. Above The Sea
Sapphire Stanza Cover

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Track Listing

  1. Time Machine (Radio Edit)
  2. We Sing
  3. Keep Me Waiting
  4. We Are The Change
  5. Above The Sea
  6. Genetically Modified (Radio Edit)
  7. The Party's Over (Radio Edit)
  8. Sad Joe (Radio Edit)
  9. Marching The Path
  10. Every Now And Again
  11. Gayatri's Dream (Radio Edit)



Video Poster - We Sing
We Sing
Video Poster - Hello From The Sky
Hello From The Sky
Video Poster - Children From The Sun
Children From The Sun
Video Poster - Hello From The Sky
Hello From The Sky (Live)
Video Poster - Serious As Saturn
Serious As Saturn (Live)
Video Poster - She's A Drag
She's A Drag
Video Poster - Promotional Comp
Pretenders Cover


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